Inimmune Corporation and Intrommune Therapeutics Announce a Collaboration to Advance a Revolutionary Rapid, Long-acting Oral Mucosal Allergy Immunotherapy for the Treatment of Peanut Allergy

Missoula, MT and New York, NY (January 8, 2024) – Inimmune Corporation (“Inimmune”) and Intrommune Therapeutics, Inc. (“Intrommune”), clinical-stage companies focused on the development of innovative immunotherapeutics, today announced an important collaboration. Intrommune is advancing a clinical stage oral mucosal therapy for food allergies in allergic individuals. This revolutionary new immunotherapy will combine Intrommune’s disease-modifying treatment through its peanut oral mucosal immunotherapy (OMIT), with the rapid desensitization to allergens provided by Inimmune’s clinical stage proprietary immunotherapy. The combination of these two approaches is expected to result in the rapid and long-term relief of allergic symptoms resulting from peanut exposure and would be a game changer for patients suffering with this potentially life-threatening allergy.

“The combination provides an opportunity to significantly advance the prevention of allergic symptoms related to exposure to peanut allergen in susceptible individuals. The combination of technologies provided by each company can completely change the treatment paradigm associated with serious food related allergic reactions,” said Alan Joslyn, Ph.D., Inimmune’s CEO. “We look forward to advancing the combined technologies into the clinic in the near future.”

The two companies plan to work together to evaluate the potential for combining the two clinical stage immunotherapies.

Oral mucosal immunotherapy utilizes complex patented biochemical processes to stabilize and deliver allergenic proteins in a fully functional toothpaste. Through the act of tooth brushing, the allergenic proteins can be delivered to immunologically active areas of the oral cavity with the greatest potential for allergy desensitization.

“This collaborative opportunity between Intrommune and Inimmune represents a significant step forward in the fight to reduce the physical and psychological burden that food allergies have on millions of individuals living with food allergy,” said Michael Nelson, Intrommune’s founder and CEO. “By combining our disease-modifying, patient-friendly treatment platform with Inimmune’s proprietary rapid desensitization technology, we look to create a future free from the fear of food allergies.”

About Intrommune Therapeutics
Intrommune (New York, NY), dedicated to improving and protecting the lives of people with food allergy, is developing the revolutionary Oral Mucosal Immunotherapy (OMIT) treatment platform for food allergies. OMIT is a patient-friendly solution for over 220 million people worldwide, including 33 million people in the United States, who suffer from life-altering food allergies. Intrommune Therapeutic’s lead product, INT301, has completed its Phase 1 clinical trial. All Phase 1 results along with future studies are intended to support OMIT as being a safe, effective and convenient therapy for patients who suffer from peanut allergy.

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About Inimmune Corporation
Inimmune Corp. (Missoula, MT) is a privately held biotechnology company focused on the discovery and development of innovative immunotherapeutics, vaccine adjuvants, and vaccines. Inimmune is harnessing the human immune system to create safe and effective treatments for allergy, infectious disease, autoimmunity, and cancer. Their laboratories and offices are housed in the Montana Technology Enterprise Center (MonTEC) in Missoula.

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