Immunotherapy + OMIT

Oral mucosal immunotherapy (OMIT) for food allergies is Intrommune’s novel drug delivery platform. It is based on delivering therapeutic agents by embedding them in a fully functional toothpaste.  Thus, allergic patients can conveniently administer their daily treatment at the same time they brush their teeth.

OMIT is based on the principle of allergy immunotherapy or “desensitization,” a technique that allergists have used to treat the underlying cause of respiratory allergies for over 100 years. Allergy sufferers are exposed to tiny, carefully controlled amounts of the substance they are allergic to, like peanut or shellfish proteins. Over time, their immune system learns that the substance is safe and allergic reactions become milder. Intrommune’s OMIT platform is intended to reduce the burden and anxiety experienced by food-allergic individuals and their families. 

OMIT leverages the unique ability of the lining of the mouth to retrain the immune system (sometimes referred to as “desensitization”) and thus reduce allergic reactions to foods like peanuts over time. Daily use of OMIT toothpaste gradually increases the threshold of allergen that would normally trigger food allergy symptoms – to the point where an allergic person is protected against accidental ingestion of these foods. Research suggests that long-term, daily maintenance therapy is necessary to achieve and maintain this protection. Intrommune’s great-tasting, cavity-fighting OMIT toothpaste makes that easy to do.