Peanut INT301

Protecting those who suffer from peanut allergy

peanuts in a bowl
dad spreading peanut butter on sandwich
mom with daughter brushing her teeth

Peanut allergy is a life-threatening disease with only one approved medical treatment option, which may not be suitable for some peanut allergy sufferers due to side effects and potential safety issues. Avoidance of peanut consumption is typically practiced by affected individuals, coupled with reliance on antihistamines or epinephrine injection in the event of symptoms triggered by accidental exposure. Strict dietary avoidance is often expensive and hard to achieve and accidental exposure to peanut allergens is common.

INT301 is the initial product in development by Intrommune specifically designed to help those who suffer from peanut allergy. The product is intended to significantly raise a patient’s immune threshold through daily use of OMIT toothpaste beyond what has triggered a potentially dangerous allergic reaction via accidental exposure. This additional protection helps relieve the persistent anxiety of peanut allergic individuals toward accidental exposure.

Peanut INT301: Phase 1 Clinical Trial

Intrommune is now recruiting patients for a phase 1 study of adults with peanut allergy. Participants will be randomized in to receive either an escalating dose of INT301 or placebo.