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The distinguished panel of Unicorn Hunters scrutinized Intrommune and its ground-breaking technology.  This panel of financial experts agree that Intrommune and its unique treatment for peanut allergy will be a welcome option for the millions of people affected worldwide.  Check out this episode of Unicorn Hunters to learn more about this exciting new peanut allergy development. 

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About Us

With over 32 million Americans suffering from food allergies, Intrommune is focused on developing a safe, disease-modifying treatment with long-term efficacy through our oral mucosal immunotherapy (OMIT) platform that can help provide a much-needed solution.

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Intrommune toothpaste delivers allergen protein
Toothpaste slurry coats the mouth so more allergen protein can bind with cells on the surface of the oral mucosal epithelium. The opposing charges of the protein and surface cells attracts them to each other to form a strong bond.
Langerhans Cells process and display allergen proteins
Oral Langerhans cells capture allergen protein as it diffuses into the oral mucosa, displaying key identifiers on their surface before travelling to regional lymph nodes.  
Langerhan cells trigger the re-education of the immune system
Once in the regional lymph nodes Langerhans cells activate naive T cells causing them to differentiate into either T regulatory (Treg) cells or T helper type 1 (Th1) cells.
Differentiated T Cells decrease the allergic response
Treg and Th cells travel through lymph vessels and distribute themselves throughout the mucosa of the aerodigestive tract where they decrease the allergic immune response the next time there is exposure to the specific allergen protein.